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Why Choose Red Forensic?

Technical Expertise

With 20+ years in the field, we’ve been serving attorneys since the early days of digital forensics. We understand data.

Litigation Savvy

We’ve been through the grinder countless times. We speak your language and we understand how to serve you and your clients.

Truth Tellers

Evidence contains truth. We know not only how to reveal that truth, but how to tell its story in plain English. We’re masters at turning technical detail into simple stories for attorneys, judges, and juries.

Summary of Our Service Offering

These are the broad lenses through which we view the work we do to help attorneys. There is often overlap and there is virtually always a lot of detail. Bottom line? When it comes to data that contains evidence for your case, we will handle it. Start to finish.

Computer Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Media Forensics
Cloud Forensics

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